La terre pimprenelle Garden

07440, Alboussière, Ardèche, France
La terre pimprenelle Garden La terre pimprenelle Garden
France (FR)
Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (FR)
120 mn


La terre pimprenelle garden has an area of one hectare. It is structured on the golden ratio. The use of the Fibonacci sequence creates a harmonious space of positive energies. It contains more than 1 200 trees and shrubs, including 600 varieties.

Rules in the garden

Animals are not allowed. It is requested not to smoke or use cell phones in the garden.

Prices updated on January 2022

  • 8€ per adult ;
  • 5€ for children under 14 years ;
  • Guided tour: 40€ for one person;  25€/person for 2 people; 17€/person from 3 to 5 people; 15€/person from 6 to 8 people, 13€/personn from 9 to 12 people, 10€/person over 12 people.

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